Taus Makhacheva —Cosmoscow 2018 Artist of the Year
Russian artist Taus Makhacheva was named Cosmoscow 2018 Artist of the Year. As a result, Taus will present her specially commissioned project as part of the Fair's forthcoming edition; her art will also provide the basis for Cosmoscow 2018 visual identity. Taus Makhacheva (b. 1983) is the recipient of Kandinsky Prize (2016) and Innovation Prize (2011) among others. In 2017 her work was featured in the main project of the 57th Venice Biennale.
Ruinart Art Patrionat
Russian artist Alexey Martins became the winner of the 2017 Ruinart Art Patronat grant. The grant will allow Martins to execute his proposed Black Diptych (Black Forest and Black Sky) project that will be exhibited for the first time at Cosmoscow in 2018. Martins will also get a chance to visit the House of Ruinart in the Champagne region in France. Born in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, Alexey Martins, who was a nominee of the 2015 Kandinsky Prize (Young Artist – Project of the Year) and is currently collaborating with the Fragment Gallery, Moscow, was selected from a total of 22 artist applications to win the Ruinart Art Patronat grant.
A special acquisition of three works by Russian artist Andrey Kuzkin was made to the State Tretyakov Gallery's permanent collection with the support of Cosmoscow Foundation for Contemporary Art.
The list of donated works include: All Ahead of You installation together with corresponding video documentation (2011); Around the Circle performance video documentation (2008), the Right to Life documentation of 2006-2015 actions, performances and projects.
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