Irina Korina is an artist, set designer, author of objects made of textured materials and fabrics, as well as total installations. Graduated from the Russian Academy of Theater Arts, Faculty of Scenography (2000), courses "New artistic strategies" of the Institute of Contemporary Art and the Center for Contemporary Art of George Soros (1999-2000). She studied at the Valand Academy of Art, Gothenburg, Sweden (2000) and in the media class of the Vienna Academy of Arts (2002-2005). The author's strategy is to draw the viewer into their own reality, similar to the abstract scenery of an imaginary theater, where artistic material plays the leading role. Laureate of the Debut Theater Award (1999), three times laureate of the Companion Award (2006, 2009, 2012), laureate of the Innovation Prize in the New Generation nomination (2007). In 2009, Irina was included in the long list of the Kandinsky Prize in the "Project of the Year" category. Nominee for the 2010 Innovation Prize and finalist for the 2011 Kandinsky Prize. Participant of the Venice Biennale (2009, 2017).
Vyksa Art Residence was founded in 2017 by the OMK-Uchastiye Charitable Foundation. More than 30 artists visited it, including Haim Sokol, SASHAPASHA, Tatiana Efrussi, Dmitry Morozov Vtol, Ikuru Kuwadjima, Kirill Makarov, Ustina Yakovleva, Ivan Gorshkov, Dmitry Bulnygin, Elena Kovylina, Victoria Begalskaya and others. Vyksa Art Residence is a year-round platform for cultural professionals that allows residents to implement projects or conduct research in the city of Vyksa. The purpose of the residence is to support contemporary artists who are not limited by age, genre, country of residence or origin. The work of residents can be associated with the study of the local context and territory, or be autonomous. For Vyksa, the art residence is one of the few open city sites where art professionals and the local community gather together. The art residence makes a significant contribution to the development of the city, makes the cultural landscape of Vyksa more dynamic and diverse, and helps form new connections between artists and urban communities.

Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow is the first museum of photography and contemporary art in Russia. It celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. MAMM has founded and holds two major international festivals every spring: Moscow Photobiennale (since 1996) and Fashion and Style in Photography Biennale (since 1999). These biennials and exhibitions of photography at MAMM have turned Moscow into one of the capitals of world photography.

Exhibition projects of the museum are constantly replacing each other. MAMM exhibits the history of foreign and domestic contemporary art, projects of international and Russian photography stars, as well as young artists, video art, VR, art associated with new technologies, performances and other types and genres of art. In addition to exhibitions, the museum hosts various educational programs for children and adults related to the practice and theory of art. The stars of the art world give lectures and master classes at MAMM. On a regular basis, MAMM hosts such programs as: MAMMcinema, MAMMusic, MAMMdiscussions. MAMM is one of the most visited museums not only in Moscow, but also in Russia.

Cosmoscow Foundation's Board of Trustees includes Marina Andreeva, Elena Lukovnikova, Simon Mraz, Valeria Rodnyanskaya, Vladimir Smirnov. This year, they were joined by Yulia Chernova and Ksenia Tarakanova.
The winner of the Ruinart Art Patronat competition Misha Buryj now has an opportunity to present his works at the 9th Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair. The new works will become a continuation of the artist's large-scale series "Clot", made from advertisement waste and dedicated to ecological problems, consumer- and mass culture and propaganda.

The theme of Misha Buryj's works is consonant with the values of the Ruinart brand, which actively supports the eco-direction, which became a key factor in choosing the winner of the competition.

Misha Buryj is a Russian artist, author of assemblages, objects and installations. A decisive role in the artist's work is played by his use and search for materials left behind after cultural industry production. He is a resident of the Open Studios at Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art (2019) and Garage Museum's Workshops and Art Residences program (Moscow, 2020). His works are in present in collections of Ruarts Foundation (Moscow) and Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantin Sorokin Foundation (Moscow). He lives and works in Moscow.
Pavel Otdelnov named the "Artist of the Year". In September, at the 8th Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair, Pavel Otdelnov will present his new art project, which will be specially created for the upcoming art fair.

Pavel Otdelnov born in 1979 in Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod region, Russia. Graduated from the Surikov Moscow State Academy. Later he took up contemporary art and entered the Institute Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA).

In 2015 and 2017, he was nominated for the Kandinsky Prize ("Project of the Year"); in 2017 - became the laureate of the prize in the field of contemporary art named after Sergey Kuryokhin (special prize of the French Institute). And this year, Pavel entered the short list of the State Prize "Innovation" - in the nomination "Artist of the Year".

The works of Pavel Otdelnov are in the State Russian Museum, State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, as well as in other public and private collections.

Zheleznogorsk Center for Contemporary Art is a self-proclaimed institution that exists in the field of contemporary art and culture in Zheleznogorsk, Kursk Region.

Zheleznogorsk Center for Contemporary Art was created by the art association (art group) "Chicory", whose main current task is infrastructure construction in their city (Zheleznogorsk) and the region (Kursk region). Zheleznogorsk Center for Contemporary Art as an Institute distributes its activities along three axes: space (performative, exhibition and city practices), participation (from creating a social environment to meeting practices, relational aesthetics) and semiotics (searches \ creation of symbolic systems using technical and social and engineering methods).

In the fall of 2020, the Garage Museum will be presented at the Cosmoscow Fair in the status of the Museum of the Year as part of the Cosmoscow Foundation for Contemporary Art initiatives. This was announced by the founder of Cosmoscow Margarita Pushkina and the director of the Garage Anton Belov at a press conference in February.

Throughout the year, the Cosmoscow Foundation for contemporary art and the Garage Museum will implement a number of joint projects. Anton Belov will take a place on the Collectors' Board of the Fair. The Foundation will acquire for the Museum's archive collection, which is the largest repository on the history of Russian modern and contemporary art, three important archives: the archive of the St. Petersburg gallery Navicula Artis; handwritten and illustrated catalogues of Eugene and Leo Kropiwnicki; and the archive of Andrey Chirkov (Remizova), which contains letters of Andrei Sinyavsky. The Museum's stand will be presented at the Cosmoscow Art Fair, which will be held on September 11-13, 2020.

Additionally, and following on from 2019, a percentage of proceeds from entrance tickets to the fair will be transferred to the Garage Endowment Fund.

Maison Ruinart and the Cosmoscow Foundation have announced the winner of the Ruinart Art Patronat grant competition: Margo Trushina.

The artist received a European education in the field of contemporary art (Royal College of Arts, London Chelsea College of Art and Design), and also studied at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) and at the Journalis department of the Moscow State University. In 2015, the artist became a finalist of the UK National Sculpture Prize – Broomhill National Sculpture Prize.

Within the framework of Cosmoscow 2020, Margo Trushina will present the 'Living Corner' project – an interactive site-specific installation that will become a metaphor for the contemporary world, with its radical climate changes and migration flows.

The project will be implemented as part of the Ruinart Art Patronat grant program with the support of the Cosmoscow Foundation at the Art Fair in September, 2020.

Audi, together with Cosmoscow Foundation for Support of Contemporary Art, has launched the Audi Born-Digital Award competition aimed at supporting Russian media artists. The winner's work was presented in Audi City Moscow innovation space in September, on the Eighth Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair eve, as well as on Cosmoscow Foundation website.

Pavel Seldemirov is an art theorist and artist actively working with digital media. In his artistic practice, he is engaged in construction of experiences and impressions, photography and semiotics of the image. Born in 1988 in Volgograd, he now lives and works in Moscow. He studied philosophy of art at the Jewish Museum/ as well as image anthropology in Research Institute of Russian Academy of Arts. He is also a graduate of Rodchenko Art School.

"The Becoming" project is a total installation that recreates the space of a poetically interpreted forest, filled with plants and portal displays. Visitors are able to go on a journey where cultural artifacts and traces of 2020, which has already become an important milestone for all mankind, will appear among the virtual trees. A stone connected to a ventilator; a lake the surface of which splits like a glass showcase; coronavirus trapped in the river like deep-sea mines; a graph of stock market crash in shape of mountains on the horizon - the artist collects our collective dream from these images, reminiscent of events on a planetary scale.

The installation is conceived by the artist as a mechanism that involves the viewer in crossing the border between real and virtual worlds, referring to ritual practices in which the participant in action crosses a certain line and, as a result, is unable to come back. Armed with VR devices, several viewers will be able to plunge into the virtual space at once, where everyone will look like a vortex or a bunch of circulating elements. A multiplayer VR game made using the Unity game engine will become the core of the installation. Thanks to the game being available online, it will be possible to "enter" the artwork from anywhere in the world.

Cosmoscow Foundation for Contemporary Art has launched Series, a new program in order to support young Russian artists, aimed at exploring serial thinking. The program supports graphic series, novels and comics created specifically for the Foundation's Instagram account and published on weekends every two weeks during the summer of 2020.

Series have become not only an important part of the day of a modern person, but also led to the creation and dissemination of their own type of thinking in the mass consciousness, which, moreover, relies very heavily on visual communication, in contrast to past types of thinking that relied on verbal communication. Serial thinking is characterized by strong consistency, in many respects similar to the consistency of pre-clip thinking and built not on a rational, but on an emotional basis. And if modern series are some kind of a cast of the currently dominant form of social consciousness, then the study and interpretation of serial logic by means of contemporary art can reveal unexpected perspectives of our views on the world and social moods.

The program was attended by: Vladimir Kartashov, Ulyana Podkorytova, Sarah Kuhlmann, Katya Khasina, Artyom Goloshchapov, Nikita Seleznev, Vika Begalskaya and Alexander Vilkin.

Starting October 20 and lasting till November 15, 2020 the exhibition project "20:20. Time has stopped" is dedicated to the study of new rituals and habits that appeared or were exacerbated in 2020 - during a pandemic and general social instability. The exhibition is a part of the annual cross-cultural festival BURO. ИEW COOГ, organized by BURO online publication, at MMOMA Educational Center in Ermolaevsky Lane with support of Cosmoscow Foundation and Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Cosmoscow Foundation curator Alexander Burenkov invited 10 young Russian artists to establish a dialogue, and who created their new projects specifically for the exhibition and charity auction scheduled for December 2020. The exhibition was included in Parallel Program of the VII Moscow International Biennale for Young Art.

Participating artists: Artem Go, Dagnini, Vladimir Kartashov, Kirill Makarov, Albina Mokhryakova, Anna Rotayenko, Igor Samolet, Nikita Seleznev, Sofa Skidan, Anna Tagantseva-Kobzeva.

"20:20. Time has stopped" received it's name in honour of one of Igor Samolet's projects. The artist ironically interprets the habit of taking screenshots of the iphone screen when double numbers appear on the clock in his textile sculptures, called "content-forms". Creating a new "content form" at the end of 2020, dedicated not only to a specific ritual of making wishes, but also to the dynamics of the past year, which exacerbated all the contradictions of social relations, the artist seems to be trying to stop the time itself, inevitably moving towards the next wave of COVID-19 and new social and economic shocks.