Where does the Foundation originates from?
Cosmoscow Foundation for Contemporary Art was established in 2017 based on the experience and expertise of the Cosmoscow team, accumulated over many years to combine its non-commercial initiatives.
What are the working principles behind the Foundation activities?
- Promotion and development of contemporary Russian art;
- Contribution to the rise of private and institutional philanthropy in Russia;
- Support of initiatives aimed at making contemporary art approachable to wider audience.
What kind of activity does the Foundation carry out?
- Provides access to contemporary art related educational resources, programs and events;
- Fulfills different types of educational programs together with internationally acclaimed experts in order to promote contemporary art among wider audiences;
- Establishes a dialogue between artists, art historians, art critics, curators, collectors and connoisseurs of contemporary art;
- Supports the development of contemporary art in Russia by means of providing favorable environment for art making and exhibition activities.
Where does the Foundation draw funds for its activities?
- Commercial fundraising among private and corporate sponsors;
- Philanthropists' donations;
- Project crowdfunding.