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Artistic cosmologies. Discussion 2

On May 20, the curator of the Public Program “Artistic Cosmologies: Worldmaking & the New Normals”, Mohammad Salemy, held the second discussion, which was attended by the artist Alexey Taruts and curator Clementine Deliss.
Alexey Taruts’s artistic practice involves performative and situational works along with mixed media installations. The key issue in the artist’s research is the problematization of the concept of “event” as a unit of symbolic exchange. Alexey interprets the modes of presence and distance relative to the event, formed by the affects of the cultural industry of the era of late capitalism. The artist lives and works in Moscow.

Clementine Deliss is an independent curator and publicist. He is currently assistant curator at KW (Berlin), which is regularly on the list of leading contemporary art institutions in Germany. Clementine Deliss has a rich educational background: she studied art practice and semantic anthropology in Vienna, Paris and London, and holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy. From 2010 to 2015, she led one of the largest museums Weltkulturen (The Museum of World Cultures) in Frankfurt.

Mohammad Salemy – the curator of the "Off White" Charity Auction. Independent Berlin-based artist, critic, and curator from Canada. Salemy is the Organizer at The New Centre for Research & Practice. He holds a BFA from Emily Carr University and an MA in Critical Curatorial Studies from the University of British Columbia. Together with a changing cast, he forms the artist collective Alphabet Collection.